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Every homeowner feels more fulfilled and happier when their plants start to bloom. However, plants do not just grow beautifully without being properly cared for, and neither do our lawns trim themselves or repel the bugs and weeds by themselves.

Bug PRO Florida offers you the best services when it comes to getting the bugs out and keeping your lawn looking great. We do it just right!

At Bug PRO Florida, the first thing we do is to determine the needs of your lawn’s unique ecosystem. Then, with the smallest amount of products possible, we’ll use environmentally responsible methods and materials to give you the most enriched and smoothest lawn possible without damaging the earth.

Bug PRO Florida Lawn Programs


Pro Lawn | Starting as low as

$60.00 A MONTH
  • 12 Strategic Turf Applications throughout the year for fertilizer, pre & post emergent herbicides for broadleaf & grassy weeds.
  • Includes Fungicide, Liquid Aeration, and Turf Damaging Insect Control.
  • Free Trouble Calls if Needed.
Initial Fees Apply!

Pro Lawn Plus | Starting as low as

$70.00 A MONTH
  • Includes everything in Pro Lawn Plan
  • Package covers ornamental fertilization, fungicide, & insect control (exclusions apply for different types of ornamentals).
  • Doesn’t include weed control in ornamental beds
  • Add palm trees for extra fee
  • Free Trouble Calls if Needed.


Fertilizers keep your lawn fed so it doesn’t start to look unattractive and unappealing. Plants are like humans who deteriorate when they lack the right nutrients.

Different lawns have different needs, and you want to know yours is in the best place to succeed at an affordable cost. Our technician will put together the best services for you for less.

Suppression of Pests

Pests can be a joy killer. You never know how deep they have eaten into your hard work on your lawn until the damage is done. When you take pride in your home, seeing bugs kill all of your yard can be very disappointing. Enlisting specialist providers that don’t treat you as a priority can be much more aggravating. You can be assured that you will still be treated with respect.

You name whatever bugs can come to your mind, there is none that we can’t deal with!

Application of Herbicides

Weeds always want to pop out right in the middle of your pretty plants or perfect hardscape in the least-. What better way to keep the ones you want than to get rid of the ones you do not want? Pre-emergent herbicides are most beneficial when used in the early spring and late fall. They can be used at any time of year and can still discourage new weeds from sprouting, although most weeds sprout in the spring and fall.

Spring applications target different plant species than fall applications, so knowing the kind of weed you’re attempting to avoid is critical for getting the best results.

Suppression of Broadleaf Weeds

If you know a dandelion, then you know a broadleaf weed. They are stubborn, destructive plants that will take advantage of any vulnerable spots in your lawn, and since broadleaf weeds don’t look like grass, they’re easy to spot in the yard.

Broadleaf weeds are one of those weeds you take care of by fall with broadleaf herbicide application coming mid-September to early November. At Bug PRO Florida, we pick the perfect time to apply the right herbicide to get rid of broadleaf weeds on your property.

Soil PH Test as Needed

Testing the pH of your soil is a great way to diagnose problems. That way, you can change the soil before winter or right before planting in the spring.  Dandelions, wild strawberries, and plantain, for example, thrive in acidic soil, while chickweed and Queen Anise thrive in alkaline soil. Knowing all this will help you to take the best precautions.

Do you want to know? Let us help you get it done.

Just in time application! My lawn started to look much better. Talked to Chris last time – very nice and knowledgeable person. Keep up the good work. THANKS!!

Shrub Management

Your shrubs are also as important as your lawns. At Bug PRO Florida, we know just how to make your shrubs fit into the gorgeous picture of your landscape.

Shrub Fertilization

Just as your lawns need food, your trees or shrubs also need them. Fertilizers can make ornamental trees and shrubs look better and stay healthier.

Suppression of Bugs and Shrub Viruses

There are many other bugs and viruses that can affect your shrubs, and they are unrelenting. But a strong plan of suppression can halt pests and viruses before they do damage. Give us a call at Bug PRO Florida and get these shrub pests suppressed today.

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