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Termites! They’re one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares. Termites can devastate a building, put your investment in jeopardy, and even make your home unsafe to live in.

At Bug PRO Florida, we take termites seriously. That’s why our services not only emphasize comprehensive infestation removal, but also proactive prevention measures, monitoring, annual servicing, and damage and repair warranties.

Bug PRO Florida Pest Control Plans

Our Pro Pest Plus plan includes termite prevention coverage.

Pro Pest Plus | Starting as low as

$55.00 A MONTH
  • Includes Basic & Pro Pest coverage plus below coverages
  • Interior treatment on Initial service. Exterior treatment on scheduled services.
  • Termite prevention coverage.
  • Includes either retreat or Retreat and Repair Warranties.
  • Liquid and Station Treatment options available.
Initial Fees Apply!

What to Expect from Bug PRO's Termite Treatment

Our proven termite treatment process works on a number of fronts. Some of the tactics we employ (as appropriate):

Subterranean Termite Control

  • Liquid pre- and post-treatments
  • Advanced perimeter baiting systems and monitoring system

Annual Termite Renewal

  • We inspect your home for termite evidence and activity.
  • We also inspect for conditions conducive that can lead to infiltration of the home’s structure.
Bug Pro Florida has been great! I have worked with them as a realtor for wood destroying organisms and with my personal residence for many years. They show up when scheduled, are professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommend this company!
Responsible Termite Treatments

Responsible Termite Treatments

Our cure is never worse than the disease! We only employ treatments and tactics that we know will get rid of the termites without posing any threat to you, your family or your pets. We don’t use any products that damage or degrade the environment, and we judiciously deploy on the amount of product necessary.

Jacksonville's Favorite Termite Experts

Jacksonville's Favorite Termite Experts

With over 100 reviews and a 4.9 rating on Google, Bug PRO is one of the most popular and well-respected termite experts in Northeast Florida. And we aim to keep it that way! We want 100% of our clients satisfied, and that’s why we offer multiple warranty types.

Fast Response from Local Termite Exterminators

Fast Response from Local Termite Exterminators

We don’t give cookie-cutter responses to your termite problems. We care about Northeast Florida homeowners because we ARE Northeast Florida homeowners. We understand how termites act in this specific climate and how to get rid of them quickly, with plans tailored to individual needs.

Love my bug pro team, they work with different avenues of communication, so when I’m not available to answer the phone a text message works with them just the same. Very friendly and personable! The team is great!

Termites 101: What Are They?

The life of a termite begins the fertilization of an egg originating from a queen with the potential to live 30 years or more. A termite colony consists mostly of workers who forage, construct and maintain the nest, and look after the queen.

Florida is home to subterranean termites, whose workers scout and tunnel to new food sources (wood cellulose), attracting more workers to a food cache with the release of pheromones. They can go from scouting a structure to infesting a structure very quickly, even within days.

How do I Know I've Got Termites?

Part of the difficulty of subterranean termite infestations in Florida is their ability to go undetected for long periods of time. Because of the manner in which they enter homes, termite infestations often fly under the radar until they begin to cause structural damage. There are a few ways you can know you have termites:

Termite Sightings

The termites themselves generally remain hidden, but winged adults (swarmers) emerge to seek out new frontiers. Dead termites, termite parts like wings, or frass also offer signs that a nearby colony is thriving.

Mud Tubes

Mud tubes serve as climate-controlled tunnels in which termites can travel above ground. These mud tubes can be visible around the foundation, for example on floors and walls, and look like brown, thin raised lines a few millimeters in diameter.

Damaged Wood

Termite activity can often look like water damage with raised blisters on the surface of wood.

What Are the Dangers of Termites?

Termites are dangerous for the structural integrity of an investment, causing $5 billion in damage annually in the U.S. Termites will hollow out wood with mechanical efficiency, posing serious risks to the quality of framing, beams, roofs, subfloors, cabinets, furniture, or wooden fixtures. Given the difficulty of spotting such infestations, termites can continue eating away for years until exterminated. This often results in astronomically expensive repairs for your most valuable asset — your home.

How Do We Get Rid of Them?

At Bug PRO Florida, we use two techniques for getting rid of termites: liquid applications like Termidor or Premise, or through monitoring and baiting systems. While we can offer spot treatments to active areas, we offer comprehensive ongoing termite protection and prevention services complete with warranties and prevention strategies. We consistently evolve our treatment options to keep up with technological advancements in the industry.

We back these ongoing services with multiple warranty types. Recognized for excellence by the National Pest Management Association, our highly trained technicians can tackle all the unique qualities of each project. Give us a call today to request a quote and start protecting your valued investment today!

Quick Response to Pest Problems

At Bug PRO Florida, we pride ourselves on putting our customers first. We respond to most pest control calls within a single business day. You can forget it ever happened by the end of the week if you call us today. Our long-term preventative maintenance plans will make sure the pest stays gone for good.