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Why Choose Bug PRO?

We Send Bugs Packing!


Pest Control plans to fit your needs

You won’t believe how easy pest control can be, because we handle the hard work to keep you pest-free and stress-free. Pick your plan and forget those pests ever existed!


Quick response times

Jacksonville’s most dependable pest control team. We will show up on time and communicate with you along the way. Don’t wait and wonder!


FREE estimates throughout Jacksonville

Solutions designed by and for Jacksonville’s climate. We don’t treat you like a number, we treat you like family. Problem calls are free for clients with pest control packages!

Bug PRO Florida Pest Control Plans

Pro Pest | Starting as low as

$30.00 A MONTH
  • Includes Basic Pest coverage plus:
  • Interior treatment on Initial service. Exterior treatment on scheduled services.
  • All Native Cockroaches including German Cockroaches
  • All Native Spiders
  • All Native Ants including Ghost, Pharaoh, Acrobat, Caribbean, and Carpenter ants.
  • Scorpions
  • Fire Ants – interior plus (10 ft. around structure)
  • Rats and Mice (excludes trapping.)
  • De-webbing included (up to 25 ft.)
  • Fleas interior/exterior
  • Attic and Crawlspace treatments
  • Eligible for Mosquito and Tick Program add on
Initial Fees Apply!

Pro Pest Plus | Starting as low as

$55.00 A MONTH
  • Includes Basic & Pro Pest coverage plus below coverages
  • Interior treatment on Initial service. Exterior treatment on scheduled services.
  • Termite prevention coverage.
  • Includes either retreat or Retreat and Repair Warranties.
  • Liquid and Station Treatment options available.
  • Eligible for Mosquito and Tick Program add on.
Initial Fees Apply!

The Bug PRO Mission

Our late co-founder, Frances “Bootsie” Hanson brought an unmatched passion for customer service and giving back to her community. Our team strives every day to live up to Frances’ vision of a family-owned exterminator that practices responsible pest control and builds long-lasting relationships in Jacksonville.

I love this company. They are extremely professional. If I have any issues, which is rare, they are quick to respond. They text and always respond with gratitude, a personally felt thank you. With their efficient service, I have no pests to complain about. After the flood from the hurricane nearly ruined my lawn, their lawn applications are continuously making and showing improvements. I even look forward to and appreciate the gifts they leave with every job.



Talk to a pest control expert today and develop a plan of action for ridding your homes of pests. We respond to Jacksonville homeowners within 24 hours!

As a family-owned exterminator, we thrive on the long-term relationships we’ve built over the years. Our tailored pest control plans cover roaches, ants, spiders, wasps, hornets, ticks and fleas, with ongoing maintenance visits to make sure the bugs are gone for good.


Because termites literally feed on homes, we get panicked calls from Jacksonville homeowners every day looking for help. Don’t despair! At Bug PRO Florida, we have annual plans that proactively eliminate the infestation and prevent it from coming back.

We offer damage and repair warranties along with our annual services, so you can rest easy when termite season arrives.


Identification and elimination of bed bugs can’t happen quickly enough. If you suspect you have a bed bug problem, CALL TODAY. These disgusting parasites feed off your blood and will spread to your workplace, your friends, and your family.

Don’t be a victim to a beg bug outbreak! Let our experts exterminate your bed bugs today.


Mosquitos don’t just ruin your fun in the sun. They carry risks of diseases like West Nile Virus as well.

Mosquitoes are a year-round risk in Jacksonville. That’s why we offer homeowners year-round protection through recurring maintenance plans to keep mosquitoes away from your property and exterminate their breeding sites.


Bug PRO Florida handles more than pest control. Our technicians can treat your yard to get it ready for growing season and keep it looking great throughout. We fertilize, suppress weeds, control fungus, aerate, and even pH test!

Whatever your lawn needs to thrive, we deliver.


Bug PRO Florida has worked closely with Jacksonville businesses and governments for decades, with experience stretching back even further than our 2003 founding. Our clients include: the City of Jacksonville, the Jacksonville Transportation Authority, the JetBlue terminal at Jacksonville Airport, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Homeland Security.

If your business or agency needs a pest control partner capable of handling complex projects on-time and on-budget, contact Bug PRO Florida.

These folks are great! They were the only ones we could find to do a service that needed to be done to complete a sales transaction on our house. They were quick, knowledgeable and reasonably priced. Highly recommend!

The Bug PRO Florida Process

Our passion for giving our clients the best customer service has led us to standardize the purchasing process. This way, homeowners know what to expect when they call us.

1. Call

Our pest control experts will give you a good idea of how we can help solve your bug problem.  

2. Contract

Within a day, our technicians visit your property, get to the bottom of the issue, and recommend a plan of action to send the bugs packing.

3. Treatment

3. Treatment

Our treatment plans will target your home for protection against unwanted pests. 

4. Ongoing Service

Pest control is not simply a one-time treatment. We create long-term plans for pest-free environments for years to come. And we’re always on-call if something unexpected comes up.

Pest Control FAQs

Are Your Products Safe?

Everything we apply is pet- and people-friendly. We don’t indiscriminately apply products all over your property. We target the areas that need it and judiciously apply products according to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) standards.

Are You Certified?

Yes, Bug PRO Florida is certified by the state of Florida in all aspects of pest control that we offer. In addition, we are insured and bonded with all necessary licenses for the state and City of Jacksonville.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a technique that checks locations to determine if specific pests are present by inspections or surveys, identifies the type of pest, the methods to prevent their presence, and the necessary actions to control the pest to acceptable levels, and then evaluates the results for future action.