Do I have to sign a contract?
We require a contract for the first year, but after that we do not require a contract for services.
Is pest control safe for my family or pets?
Yes, it is safe. However, as a precautionary measure, we request you leave your home for two hours when having the inside of your home treated. When we are only treating the outside of your home, we do not require you to be gone. It only take about an half hour for the product to dry outside, so you are free to let pets or children outside after 30 minutes.
Do you have a cancellation fee?
We do not have a cancellation fee. However, we sometimes will do promotions on the initial service of the contact and in that case, we do require that the initial service is paid for in full if the contract is cancelled.
What if I still see bugs after a treatment?
If you are still seeing bugs simply give us a call and we will come back at no charge. Every home is different, and occasionally it takes two visits to disrupt pest cycles.
How soon before we can expect results?
The services work immediately, but expect it to take 7–10 days for the full effect.
What if it rains after my house is treated?
If it’s not a downpour, then the treatment will still be effective. However, if there is a super heavy storm, we will be happy to come back and treat your home.
What kinds of pests do you treat for?
We service all general pests. This includes ants, spiders, cockroaches, rodents, wasps, yellow jackets, ticks, fleas, centipede, scorpion, mud dauber, pantry pests, and others such as millipedes, snails, earwigs etc.

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“I’ve used Bug Pro for years!”

I’ve used Bug Pro for years for regular home bug prevention and termite services. In this day and age it is difficult to find a business that has such a personal touch and is always reliable, friendly but still professional. I highly highly recommend them for all of their services, you can’t go wrong!

-Shelley A.