WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms)

Bug PRO Florida offers comprehensive Wood Destroying Organism Inspections, known in the Real Estate industry and commonly referred to as the “WDO Inspection.” Our WDO inspections are thorough so you know your property investment is safe from invasive pests that like to reside in the wood portion of homes. Wood Destroying Organisms can compromise the structure of your home and potentially cause thousands of dollars in damage. Let us help you protect your property investment right from the start. Call us today to set up your WDO Inspection.

Bug PRO Florida offers comprehensive WDO services for:

  • Residential and Commercial Multi Unit Structures
  • Slab Foundations
  • Crawl/Off-grade Foundations

Termites are of particular importance when buying or selling a home since a termite inspection/infestation report is normally a condition of sale. While termites are probably the best known, there are also other wood destroying organisms such as Powder Post Beetles, Old House Borers and wood decaying fungi that can infest a structure.

Here are some valuable tips if you are buying a new home or Property:

  • Don’t rely solely on the WDO report.
  • Be present and ask questions when the WDO inspection is performed.
  • Ask for any documentation on termite treatment history the seller may have.
  • Maintain a WDO Protection agreement on your home after purchase.

For more information on WDO Reports and inspections visit the following links:

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Remove tree limbs and other vegetation, mulch or soil that covers the foundation or contacts any wood surfaces such as siding and trim.

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