Residential Pest Control Services

Bug PRO Florida is your Jacksonville resource for residential pest control.

When biting, buzzing or crawling pests look for shelter at your front door (or many other points of entry), send them all packing by calling Bug PRO Florida. We want to understand your pest control issues and provide you with a service package that accommodates your needs, your schedule and your budget.

Visit our pest control services page to learn more about what insects we focus on in the home. We have pest management services for the following insects in the residential environment:

  • Bug Pro Florida Roaches Pest Control Jacksonville


  • Bug Pro Florida Ants Pest Control Jacksonville


  • Bug Pro Florida Fleas Pest Control Jacksonville


  • Bug Pro Florida Ticks Pest Control Jacksonville


  • Bug Pro Florida Spiders Pest Control Jacksonville


  • Bug Pro Florida Crickets Pest Control Jacksonville


  • Bug Pro Florida Earwigs Pest Control Jacksonville


  • Bug Pro Florida Millipedes Pest Control Jacksonville


  • Bug Pro Florida Silverfish Pest Control Jacksonville


  • Bug Pro Florida Pillbugs and Sowbugs Pest Control Jacksonville


  • Bug Pro Florida Bees Pest Control Jacksonville


  • Bug Pro Florida Wasps Pest Control Jacksonville


  • Bug Pro Florida Hornets Pest Control Jacksonville


Our residential lawn treatment services include:

  • Fertilization
  • Lawn and shrub pest suppression
  • Herbicide and weed suppression

We also provide many services to get rid of what’s biting, buzzing or crawling around looking for a home. Contact us today to speak with one of our pest control specialists.

Tips and Resources

Place screens on anything that connects the inside house to the outside such as the laundry vent.

Customer Testimonials

I wanted to say thank you for all Bug Pro Florida does on this facility. You communicate one hundred percent with me and always follow all the environmental requirements. It is great to have someone onsite that you do not have to worry about and will always notify the appropriate POC if they see any issues on the facility.

Bug Pro Florida's Tagline: Send Bugs Packing

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